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Reiki is a Japanese method of healing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes through universal life energy. Reiki helps to open, clear, and align the chakras within us as well as our surrounding energy fields. It can be a contributor to achieving a healthy mind and body state. The main things that Reiki can help you achieve are:

Relaxation from stress and anxietyMuch more peaceful state of mindEnergized bodyReenergized mindRelease of mental and emotional blocks Assist in detoxifying

Our Sessions

WOW. After my sessions with Christine I feel more connected, and grounded than ever before. The experience was relaxing, moving and refreshing. Definitely going to be booking more sessions. Highly recommend!!!

Bridget D.

Christine Jones is an extremely talented Reiki Practitioner. She is considerate to her patients, and always starts off her sessions wanting to know more about her clients and how she can better suit them. I was a skeptic at first, but Reiki has definitely opened my eyes to the world of energy and the possibilities of energy being blocked within one’s body. If I could afford to, I would have Reiki done more often, while it helps me become 100% more clear-headed and emotionally stable. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for a relaxing way to recharge and reset their mind.

Julie G.


I was tense at first but as soon as I felt the intense Reiki energy flowing through me, I relaxed. Christine was very in tune with my energy and her intuition astounding; she seemed drawn to the area of my body that needed the most attention, without any information from me. I left feeling lighter and more in-tune with myself.

Sandra E.


Reiki was a foreign language to me. It seemed odd and made me question the value of going through a session. You can say I was very skeptical. However, I did it anyway maybe more out of curiosity than for any other reason. I scheduled an appointment with Christine Jones and she immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. She asked to me to think about an intention for the session so I did. She went to work and I could feel the energy coming from her hands even though she never touched me. I felt peace (my intention) come over me as I experienced a sense of the future. What was most interesting to me was that Christine mentioned she had some push back of energy coming from my left hip. Oddly, unbeknownst to her, I had my left hip replaced and it was not bone but titanium. I have never felt such peace and tranquility. That sense of peace has followed me and encouraged me to look at my life and make some changes. Christine is amazing and she has a very special gift of lifting a person up to see their full potential.

Barb D.


Brought home some good energy and a baby aloe plant…
Anytime you’re feeling in a funk and want to cleanse your mind and chakras of toxic energy contact my friend and plant lover Christine Jones, she specializes in Reiki and can customize your session for your healing needs. Today she charged my crystals and smudged my energy of bad juju! I can definitely feel my sense of awareness gets stronger with each cleansing! I can incorporate the positive energy in my every day lifestyle and it’s been much needed in stressful and emotional times. I am thankful for holistic healing…

Leilani J.


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We are free range life seekers here to embrace the beauty and wonder of all that is. Listening so that we may see, feel, and embrace what the universe is sharing.

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